I'm a Tech visionary & CTO in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Big data, IoT & eCommerce
And i love "Grand cru".

My offer for you is:


Innovation / Invention on demand.
CTO on demand

Startup menthoring.
Product realization


What i have done last years...

Over the years i scouted a lot of talented young people and develop them. I've learned them a lot of new technologies and pragmatic approaches. With my own Startups and for & within other companies i build successful teams and achieved unbelivable developments.
I invented and successful developed many different IT and Digital products. Like the "first pen, that vibrates, when you make a mistake", the "Jarvis for innovation", the "independend social media shopping-cart as a service", the "twitter for things" and many more

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Global press
With my different own startups i gain huge global press coverage, Radio and TV casts like in ABC, CNN, BBC etc. Press was writing about the ideas and Startup in North and South America, Europe, Asia and even in Australia.
Under the best!
I'm listed within the 100 Most Creative People in Business (Fast Company’s 2013)
Fundraising & Investment
For my own and other startups i raised more then 2 Mill EUR - in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
With my developed and supervised eCommerce sites we achieved over € 5 Mill. sales in 2015

But i also failed...

And learned from mistakes. Stand up, run again... And I wrote a book to support you with your Startup.

2 Years we was the young stars within Wayra, the Incubator of Telefonica and the national & international press . We run - for german conditions - one of the most successful crowd-Investing rounds and collect 1.2 Mill EUR to develop the "VibeWrite Lernstift". But i failed with my team on the barrier of time/investment. We was not able to convince german Investors for the Seed Funding. We just needed a bit more time of maybe 6 months.
But things can turn fast.
From the star the public opinion it turns into its negative and i had painfully to close the company and lost my team. My learning of it is somehow bitter. First its important to run only a well funded startup. Second - maybe just not develop revolutionary things in Europe...
Enforcement of change
Long time ago i developed a Content Management System for a big company. Although the technology was amazing and the system runs stable, i failed with my team-mates to enforce the employees and users of the company to leave their old habits. At the end after months of developmen we closed the chapter.

I learned a lot and was able in later projects to guide all parties for the change management in a better and successful way.